Audiophiles in Thailand

Tav Audio is a trusted independent hi-fi store providing sales, service and expert advice to music lovers and hi-fi enthusiasts in Thailand. Our knowledgeable team offers innovative home and portable audio solutions featuring award-winning sound systems and audiophile gear from industry-leading audio brands.

We have a comprehensive range of hi-fi equipment to help you build a wonderful sounding audio system. We offer everything from DACs to turntables, amplification, speakers, and all the way down to cables and accessories.

Connoisseurs of Sound

Every time we build a new sound system or upgrade a component, we pour every drop of our expertise into carefully selecting the finest audio equipment to recreate the exact qualities of the sound and timbre of musical instruments in the recording studio to create a live effect right there in your own listening environment. A musical performance just for you.

We are passionate about music and hi-fi and our systems reflect that. Our hi-fi systems produce an accurate and balanced sound with rich character to truthfully reproduce recorded music as it was originally intended and how the artist wanted it to sound.

Exploring Sound Together

Talk to any seasoned audiophile and you will hear that it is not about the name on the casing, it is about the sound coming out of that box. We will work with you and guide you through the audio components that are the best fit for your space, budget and listening taste. Whatever your lifestyle requires, from headphones to music streaming and all the connections in between, we are here to make things simple..

Our friendly team offers great customer service, backed-up by fast delivery to quickly get your system or component up-and-running, and just as important, great aftercare. Shop with confidence – we will not let you down.

If you were music, I would listen to you ceaselessly, and my low spirits would brighten up.
— Anna Akhmatova


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