HoloAudio Bliss KTE Headphone Amp


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Bliss KTE (Kitsune Edition)

The Holo Audio Bliss KTE is a discrete, high-end pure Class A headphone amplifier, offering incredible sound quality thanks to a design based on an optimized and careful architecture, using only high-end electronic components. It also allows to develop an important power of 12W under 32Ω, making it able to accompany any headphone of the market without difficulty. The Bliss KTE has single-ended stereo RCA and single-ended stereo XLR inputs. The device has three headphone outputs on its front panel, with single-ended Jack 3.5mm as well as balanced XLR 4 pins and Jack 4.4mm. The rear of the unit also features a single-ended stereo RCA and balanced stereo XLR output.

Technical Highlights

  • 100VA DUAL O-type(not Toroid) FLATWIRE (NOT roundwire) 6N Copper custom hand made audio transformers
  • All copper wire is replaced with 1.5mm pure occ silver wire
  • Replaced IEC inlet connectors with pure silver/rhodium plated faston connectors at the IEC inlet
  • Fuse is upgraded with world class Red Nano fuse with gold/silver and graphene and quartz filtering materials
  • Upgraded to AudioNote Kasei capacitors
  • Custom made HoloAudio 1000V 1uF caps / Mundorf evo silver/gold caps


Single-ended RCA input (QTY 3) Maximum amplitude 8.4Vrms
Input impedance 6.2KΩ
Balanced XLR input (QTY 2) Maximum amplitude 16.8Vrms
Input impedance 12.4KΩ
4P XLR Output Low impedance mode (LO-Z): Output impedance 0Ω, power 12Wrms@32Ω
High impedance mode (HI-Z): output impedance 15Ω, power 2.5Wrms@150Ω
4.4mm Pentaconn Output Low impedance mode (LO-Z): output impedance 2Ω, power 12Wrms@32Ω
High impedance mode (HI-Z): output impedance 17Ω, power 2.5Wrms@150Ω
6.35mm TRS Output Low impedance mode (LO-Z): output impedance 1Ω, power 3Wrms@32Ω
High impedance mode (HI-Z): output impedance 8.5Ω, power 0.6Wrms@150Ω
Single-ended RCA Output Maximum amplitude 10Vrms
Output impedance 20Ω
Balanced XLR Output Maximum amplitude 20Vrms
Output impedance 40Ω
Power Consumption 60W
Dimensions 430 x 300 x 67 mm
Package Contents 1 x HoloAudio Bliss KTE
1 x Remote Control (Aluminum CNC IR)
1 x Manual
Weight 10 Kg
Color Black with copper side panels
Warranty 36 Months
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